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5. srpna 2013 v 22:22 | Corneille |  Sweet diary..

It's been ripping my heart for so long. This fucking feeling that's not gonna let go. I suffer from panic anxiety. Meaning I sometimes panic for no fucking reason. It feels like I'm gonna die right the moment. I don't feel save, I feel like I have no breath or like there's no oxygen coming to my blood. Shits, right? I know it's unrealistic. Sometimes I'm better. Sometimes I'm not. It's crazy. Lately I've been fighting bravely. You know, you never must take life so seriously. It's not like you gonna suck here forever. One day there'll be just peace and nothing elese. The day you're dead. And that's kinda calming me down. That and the reason. But the reason's not enough sometimes. At these kind of times the only thing that can save you is some strong positive emotion. Might be a hug, fucking, being drunk as hell and having a party with your friends or just the knowledge that you're gonna die one day anyway. HAha.

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